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Taste Parties
Cooking Demonstration
Dinner Parties
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Personal Chef Service

We serve the Tampa Bay area including St Petersburg, We cover Pinellas,
Hillsborough, and Pasco Counties.

Personal Chef Service Rates $65.00 per
hour 5 hour min, client pay for the chef's
food, travel and lodging.

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And join 6 to 8 other VIP guest at the chefs table, and sample his dishes during his demonstration shows and event's


Are taste party are truly hands-on? Yes! You will not have to take turns working on small parts of the menu or simply watch your instructor demonstrating techniques. The format is fully hands-on. You will be oriented to the kitchen and learn some safety basics to working with others in a kitchen and immediately begin preparing the menu. 

Most taste parties are designed to run about two and a half hours if they start on time. Half an hour is reserved at the end of event to enjoy your meal, ask questions and get to know the chef. You are welcome to stay longer!

Great cuisine must start from great ingredients. I take the quality of the ingredients I use very seriously. I always look for the freshest, healthful, tasty products when I am shopping. I also like to use high-quality local products as much as possible. Shopping every day has helped me build strong relationships with my local grocers and producers. Below are some of the suppliers I work with regularly.

Restaurant Depot, is my favorite local supplier. I shop at Restaurant Depot for the freshest produce, meats, fish, and a great selection of dry goods. There staff are friendly and always willing to take care of the special requests I make for my clients.

Publix Greenwise is a daily stop for me. They have a large selection of high quality natural and organic products and produce. The staff and managers at my local store all know me and are very helpful in finding the best values for my clients.

I don't get to the Ybor City Market as often as I'd like, but when I do it's always worth the trip. The sheer variety of locally grown produce is staggering. I get inspirations for new menu items every time I go.

Chef Mark travels the United States dishing out his culinary magic to his clients. He loves to leverage the French approach and techniques when cooking for his clients.

"There is nothing I enjoy more than sharing my love of good food with others," he says. And after all, there is no love more sincere than the love of food.

Chef Mark Wilson.

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